Additional Guidance on DC DMV Earned Income Tax Credit Claims

In the last issue of the WANADA Bulletin, we reported that the District of Columbia has changed their vehicle excise tax rates to comply with clean-energy legislation that was passed in 2018. The DC DMV has provided more clarification around the new rule that allows D.C. customers to claim the District’s Earned Income Tax Credit when registering their vehicle.

According to information the DC DMV provided WANADA, dealers are required to ask customers who are registering their vehicles in the District whether they wish to claim the EITC at that time. However, according to the DMV, it is on the customer to provide the dealer with a “notice, letter or statement from the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue that the customer qualified for the EITC.”

WANADA has requested sample documentation from the District’s office of Tax and Revenue and we will share it with dealer members once we receive it.

Please note that the DC DMV has informed us that, if paperwork is not submitted without this relevant document from the Office of Tax and Revenue, the buyer will not be able to apply an EITC discount to the vehicle purchase at a later date.

If you have any questions, or if you have encountered issues related to the new excise tax provisions that went into effect on Feb. 1, please contact Joe Koch, Vice President of Association Operations, at

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