$39 billion needed to fix regions crumbling infrastructure

$39 billion needed to fix regionês crumbling infrastructure

The cost of repairs and replacements for the areaês highways and bridges could top $39 billion in the next 25 years, according to the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). Despite the precarious state of federal highway funding, area transportation agencies are counting on federal funding to cover nearly half the cost.

About one-fourth of the regionês highways have pavements rated –unacceptable” under standard engineering definitions, meaning they will soon need repair. And 176 of the regionês 3,300 bridges have been rated –structurally deficient,” meaning a portion of the structure is in a state of advanced deterioration and needs major repairs.

Based on this information, the COG Board of Directors sent a letter to the regionês Congressional representatives urging immediate renewal of funding for the Highway Trust Fund. (A stopgap House bill extending funding until after the midterms passed last week; see next article.) The letter also asked for broader, longer-term transportation funding.

–If the region is to maintain its current transportation system and make the needed capacity investments for the future to meet popuation and economic growth, significant additional transportation funding is needed,” the COG Board wrote.

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