2019 Ram 1500 combines luxury, efficiency, technology

Ram featured its all-new 2019 Ram 1500 luxury pickup, built not just as a work truck, but as the embodiment of an efficient luxury vehicle that  can also carry a 250-lb. payload. The 1500 has the technology that is becoming more sought after by truck buyers, including an increasing number of families, said Jim Morrison, vice president and head of Ram North America.


The 1500 has new e-torque technology with a 48 volt battery, making it a mild hybrid. Thanks to that and to start-stop technology, Ram expects a 10 percent improvement in overall fuel efficiency for the 1500.


The truck’s grille closes at speed, a feature that helps with aerodynamics. The 1500 is the only truck to have active air suspension. The interior features a screen for navigation, Apple CarPlay and audio control. To help with parking, the 1500 has a new 360 degree, surround-view camera.


Luxury features include more legroom and reclining room in the back, and leather in the Limited Edition, one of six trim levels.


Pricing for the 1500 will be announced in March, just before it goes on sale.

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