Young buyers enjoy no-pressure dealership browsing

Young buyers enjoy no-pressure dealership browsing

Millennials (aged 16 to 32) are most likely to be introduced to their car of choice through a family member or friend unlike baby boomers, who are most likely to be introduced to their car on the dealership lot. Thatês one finding of a new survey of millennials and cars by

Millennials enjoy browsing the dealership lot more than older generations and depend more on the salesperson for information. But –millennials want time and space to make the right decision and will value the salespeople who provide the information they seek in a no-pressure way,” said senior research director Isabelle Helms.

Other findings from the survey:

« Millennials say the brands that fit them best mirror the image they have for themselves: stylish, sophisticated and innovative.

« They are most likely to buy mainstream brands in order, Honda, Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford even when price is not an object.

« They say the brands that most reflect their personality are Audi, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW and Chevrolet. –While millennials may not be able to afford many of these brands now, the brand fit metric is a good way to look at where the market is headed,” said Rick Wainschel, vice president of automotive insights,

« More than 70 percent of younger millennials said infotainment features are –must-haves.”

« For younger millennials, style and features drive vehicle satisfaction, and for older millennials, safety and performance do.

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