Women shoppers more comfortable negotiating than men

Women shoppers more comfortable negotiating than men

Forget the old idea that men are more comfortable negotiating for their car purchase than women. A new survey from Swapalease.com says itês now the opposite. The information could be useful as dealers and their staff approach the sales process.

A third of women in the 1,000-person survey said negotiation makes car shopping –a fun process,” compared with just a quarter of men. In fact, 23 percent of men said they have learned to negotiate but –really donêt like it,” compared with 17.5 percent of women.

Preference aside, more men look to negotiate a higher dollar amount off the MSRP. A whopping 81 percent of men said they look to negotiate $2,000 or more off the price, compared with 64 percent of women.

It may not be surprising to hear that men and women alike regard the dealership as a battle ground. Nearly one-third of men said they find negotiation hard because they –feel like the dealer will always win,” and 37 percent of women said the same. An equal number of women said they are –not sure what a good/fair price should be.”

To negotiate successfully, the majority of both men (32 percent) and women (53.5 percent) said they like to have lots of information they have researched beforehand. Interestingly, 22 percent of women said they try to focus first on monthly payment, compared with 9 percent of men.

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