Who do consumers trust to build self-driving cars?

Who do consumers trust to build self-driving cars?

U.S. consumers trust technology companies slightly more than automakers to build self-driving cars, with ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, a distant third, according to a recent survey by Inrix. The winner of that market share battle will be important for automakers and their dealers.

–With hundred of millions of connected cars expected to be on the roads within the next 15 years, the market share will be owned by companies that can educate drivers and gain consumer trust,” said Bob Pishue, senior economist at Inrix.

The report found that familiarity with emerging technologies and their benefits will be central to winning customers. Current owners of connected cars are much more receptive to connected features, more trusting of data sharing and more likely to buy an autonomous vehicle.

Baby boomers are more skeptical of autonomous cars than millennials and members of Gen X, the generation between the other two. Baby boomers tend to believe autonomous vehicles will be less safe than cars today, and 53 percent said they are unlikely to buy one even though 75 percent believe they will likely improve access for the elderly.

The blind spot warning is the most desired new car feature, followed by the stolen vehicle warning/tracking signal; night vision; road incident alerts and rerouting; and rear/front collision alerts.

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