Where do Maryland, Virginia stand in car expenses?

Where do Maryland, Virginia stand in car expenses?

Maryland and Virginia may not be the most expensive states to own a car, but theyêre up there. Virginia is in 8th place (yes, the car tax is one reason), and Maryland is #15. DC is not on the list, which is based on a study by Insurance.com.

Maryland has a five-year ownership cost of $23,856. It is the third most expensive state for maintenance, with the average minor repair costing $419.37 and the average maintenance, $821.04. And it has the 8th highest insurance cost, $1,610 a year.

Virginia has a five-year cost of $25,351. It has a second highest average car registration cost in the nation, at $41 for registration plus a 1.79 percent personal property tax.

To determine ownership costs, the study authors looked at the cost of gasoline, insurance, maintenance, registration and sales tax in each state. The most expensive state to own a car is Wyoming (five-year cost of $31,587) and the least expensive is Hawaii ($17,289).

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