What will election results mean for Washington area dealers?

Not just the U.S. House of Representatives, but the Washington area Congressional delegation – now solidly in Democrats’ hands – will look very different starting Jan. 1, 2019. What will the changes mean for Washington area dealers?


A Democrat-led House could put a brake on the Trump administration’s big push toward deregulation. And look for Congressional opposition to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who supports protectionist trade policies, such as tariffs, which would raise the price of new vehicles.


In the Washington area Congressional delegation, former auto dealer Don Beyer (D) was re-elected to his seat in Northern Virginia.


In other Congressional developments, analysts interviewed by the Washington Post said the Republican Senate and Democrat-controlled House could result in partisan gridlock, which is never good for the Washington region. Sometimes it means government shutdowns, or at least a lot of uncertainty in the business community and the consumer base.


On the other hand, Northern Virginia Congressman Gerald Connolly (D), who will likely chair the House Oversight subcommittee on government operations, has pledged more support for federal workers. That would mean no more threats of pay freezes, and that could mean more confident Washington Area consumers willing to consider a big purchase like a new car.

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