What Detroit media heard from NADA chairman on VW, Tesla

What Detroit media heard from NADA chairman on VW, Tesla

When NADA Chairman Bill Fox spoke before the Automotive Press Association in Detroit, he addressed several hot button issues, including the Volkswagen scandal, federal fuel economy requirements and Teslaês direct sales in some states.

–I think Volkswagen sales are going to fall off the end of the world until they solve this problem, though I hope that doesnêt happen,” said Fox, according to the Detroit News. The consumer should come first, he said, concluding that the scandal reflects poorly on the entire industry.

Fox said VW was using diesel to try to meet tough federal fuel economy requirements of 54.5 mpg by 2025. Those requirements are going to raise the price of a new car an average of $3,200. That means 7 million Americans will be priced out of the new-car market.

On an entirely separate subject, Fox said he supports Teslaês right to sell its cars directly to consumers if state law allows, the News reported. But, he added, itês not a good solution. Itês better if the consumer has a local dealer to call if thereês a problem, rather than an 800 number.

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