What causes road rage? Texting and tailgating for sure

What causes road rage? Texting and tailgating for sure

Almost all drivers have experienced –road rage” to some extent at one time or another. Most drivers have pet peeves about how others drive, which has been greatly exacerbated by todayês time pressured world. In a recent survey of 1,000 drivers commissioned by Expedia.com, texting while driving, tailgating and hogging the passing (left) lane were noted as the most bothersome behaviors.

The least popular in-car behavior is back-seat driving, followed by the co-pilot who wonêt help navigate, the radio hog, the snoozer, the shoe remover and the snacker.

One disconnect: Nearly all Americans (97 percent) rate themselves as –careful” drivers, but feel that only 29 percent of their fellow drivers merit the description.

How much do drivers use their vehicleês navigation system? It turns out nearly one-third of Americans report that they still typically rely on written or printed directions when driving rather than apps, dashboard GPS or the nav system.

And which city has the rudest drivers? New York, of course, cited by 42 percent of Americans. DC was a distant fourth place, chosen by 16 percent.

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