Washington is Americas most dangerous city for driving

Washington is Americas most dangerous city for driving

Washington, DC, ranks dead last in a list of driving safety in Americas 200 largest cities. Drivers in the nations capital are 9 percent more likely to have an accident than the average driver nationwide. Drivers here go just 4.8 years between accidents. The list is compiled by Allstate Insurance actuaries analyzing company claims. Allstate studied only drivers from the city itself, not the metropolitan area.

Washington drivers are in good company. The next-to-last city on the list is Baltimore, where drivers are 86 percent as likely as the rest of the nation to have an accident. Drivers there go 5.4 years between crashes.

The safest cities are Fort Collins, Colo., Boise, Idaho; and Sioux Falls, S.D.

If anyone familiar with the notoriously dangerous habits of Boston drivers is curious how Washingtons bad drivers could outpace their Bostonian counterparts, its because the study excluded cities in Massachusetts because of limited data.

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