WANADAs Dental Plan for dealers hasnt raised rates in over 4 years!

WANADAês Dental Plan for dealers hasnêt raised rates in over 4 years!

WANADA has a self-funded Dental Plan, the WANADA Dental Trust, that has not raised rates in more than four years. The network is Guardian, a very extensive national network some say the best in the country. As a result, WANADA has been able to keep its dental insurance prices for dealerships stable from year to year.

The WANADA Dental Planês enrollment period coincides with an employeeês enrollment in the company medical plan. The WANADA Dental Trust is very flexible with claims and with the enrollment period. Dealers are encouraged to contact Ed Mullaney at WANADA for more information: em@wanada.org or 202-237-7200.

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