WANADA’s ADEI Program Expands at NoVa Community College

WANADA’s Automobile Dealer Education Institute, which for years has provided apprenticeship training to ambitious aspiring dealership technicians through programs at Montgomery College and several Fairfax County high schools, has strengthened its relationship with Northern Virginia Community College.

Through its partnerships with Montgomery College and now NOVA, which is in its second semester offering on-site technician training, ADEI is training more students than ever before. WANADA, through its own donations and gracious support from dealer members and regional charitable organizations, is able to provide $1,500 worth of tools, books, and tuition costs to participating students.

The value of this package to participating students is set to double next fall, and wouldn’t be possible without the gracious support of so many in this region who support the program, and who benefit from an annual class of highly-trained, reliable dealership technicians. Because ADEI is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations to the program are tax-deductible.

For information on how you can support ADEI, either as a donor or as a sponsoring dealership, please contact Joe Koch, Vice President of Association Operations, at jk@wanada.org. As always, WANADA would like to thank all the students, trainers, donors, and participating dealerships who make this immensely valuable program possible year after year.

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