WANADA’s ADEI Program Continues Training the New Era of Auto Technicians

Even in the midst of a pandemic that has swallowed up the better part of a full year, WANADA’s Automobile Dealer Education Institute continues to educate and train the next generation of auto technicians in a safe, socially-distant, and protected way.

Thanks to the great support from Montgomery College and Northern Virginia Community College, ADEI students have still been able to receive in-person training at the auto technician centers on both campuses. With public transit ridership down and more people than ever being reliant on personal vehicles to get around, there remains a big need for auto techs.

Furthermore, since the program arranges for the students to be employed at local dealerships, young men and women who would otherwise be out of work during an unprecedented health crisis are instead able to earn a living wage.  ADEI, then, is providing a valuable service to both auto dealers by training the next generation of technicians and to local communities by being a stable source of income for dozens of people all around the Beltway.

WANADA would like to thank Erik Falk and Billy Painter, WANADA’s in-house recruitment advisors in Maryland and Northern Virginia, along with Steve Boden from the Montgomery County ATF, for helping the program continue even as many in-person activities have remained shuttered across the region.

ADEI students are being trained in smaller groups, with more spacing in the garages than in pre-pandemic times, with a greater emphasis on virtual learning in their non-automotive academic studies. But importantly for their vocational training, and for the students’ ability to have the necessary education to be able to establish a full-time career at a dealership, they are still getting the same amount of in-person technician training that students received prior to the pandemic, just with a far greater emphasis on social distancing, mask-wearing, and surface cleaning.

Dealership demand for ADEI students continues to be strong, and there is actually a waitlist for participants heading into the spring semester. To that end, some dealerships that were not sponsoring students previously have since joined or re-joined the program in prior months. None of this would have been possible without the great support of our dealership members, our supporting educational institutions and, of course, the participating students themselves, who continue to work hard even in highly challenging circumstances.

For more information on ADEI, please visit adei-programs.org. You may also contact Joe Koch, WANADA’s Vice President of Operations, at jk@wanada.org for more information on ADEI and the various ways you can support this immensely valuable program. For information on Northern Virginia programs, you can contact Erik Falk at efalk@wanada.org, or contact Billy Painter for Maryland information at bp@wanada.org.

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