WANADAs ADEI mentor lunch is a big success

WANADAês ADEI mentor lunch is a big success

The recent mentor lunch for students and dealers involved in WANADAês Technician Development Program drew nearly 70 participants. The August 17 event at Montgomery College was organized by WANADAês career education arm, Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI).

Representatives came from Ourisman dealerships, EuroMotorcars, Sheehy Auto Stores and Porsche/Audi of Rockville, to name several. Most students were already matched up with sponsoring dealerships, where they will work four days a week as they attend classes at MC once a week. A couple of students at the event were not yet matched up with dealers, but dealers who came to the event expressed interest in hiring them. ADEI classes at MC start August 30 and 31 and September 1, depending on where students are in their training.

The mentor lunch was an opportunity for students, especially new ones, to meet participants from other dealerships. Each student works with the sponsoring dealershipês service manager and a line technician mentor who coordinates on-the-jobtraining with the ADEI course work.

The assembled crowd heard from a variety of speakers, including Mike Caretta, who teaches the ADEI courses at Montgomery College; Debra Anderson, ADEI program manager at the college; and WANADA CEO John OêDonnell.

ADEIês companion program in northern Virginia offers adult education classes at Marshall Academy in Falls Church and Hayfield High School in Alexandria. Classes there begin around the same time as in Maryland. Dealers interested in sponsoring an ADEI technician trainee in any of the trainig locations may contact WANADA Member Services Representative Billy Painter at bp@wanada.org 202-236-2270.

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