WANADA Urges Support of the 4 Montgomery’s Kids Foundation

On behalf of Tony Santy, who served for 35 years as CEO of WANADA Kindred-Line member Chesapeake Petroleum, WANADA encourages our members and Bulletin readers to support 4 Montgomery’s Kids, a 501(c)(3) organization that helps support many of the county’s most vulnerable children.

WANADA is supporting 4 Montgomery’s Kids with a $1,000 donation of its own, and donations to the group help provide kids in the county’s child welfare system with both necessities (including food, clothing, and transportation needs), and important child development tools like laptop computers, access to summer camps, and many more enriching opportunities that allow these children to reach their full potential.

In the midst of an unprecedented health and economic emergency, state and local budgets are strained even worse than they were in the Great Recession. Foster parents and children are feeling the acute stress of a combined medical and economic catastrophe even worse than the public at large, and even in the best of times, the county’s child welfare system still leaves children with only many of the bare necessities, let alone access to the types of opportunities and experiences that many of the more fortunate take for granted. At this time, your support will help the county’s neediest children now more than ever.

Please click here to learn more about 4 Montgomery’s Kids, and click here to learn more about where your funds will go.

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