WANADA reps visit Geneva Motor Show

Amid all the talk at the Geneva Motor Show of autonomous vehicles, environmental regulations (especially in Europe) and trade tariffs, and the displays of vehicles that were high-end, exotics, SUVs and sports cars, was the WANADA delegation.


Befitting the Washington Auto Show’s status as a tier one auto show, WANADA arranges to attend major global auto shows each year. At the Geneva show, the delegation consisted of WANADA Chairman John Bowis, Washington Auto Show Chairman John Ourisman, WANADA Board member Jamie Darvish, WANADA CEO John O’Donnell, and Washington Auto Show Manager Bob Yoffe. The group met with OICA Worldwide representatives. OICA is the French acronym for the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, the group that certifies tier one auto shows on the global industry circuit.


WANADA representatives also interacted with NADA leaders – Chairman Wes Lutz and CEO Peter Welch – as they connected with a variety of automaker executives. O’Donnell declared the trip a grand success.


As for the vehicles, automakers at the show in Geneva acknowledged the reality of making more electrified and autonomous cars and trucks. Automakers are spending a lot of money on research to make those vehicles more practical and appealing to a wider customer base. But the vehicles on prominent display in Geneva were the exotic cars that make many people come to auto shows.

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