WANADA CEO speaks to lawyers about autonomous cars

WANADA CEO John O’Donnell recently spoke to attorneys at the SCG (State Capital Group) annual meeting about autonomous vehicles (AVs). Attorneys who attended the Chicago meeting received continuing legal education credits from SCG, a global network of leading law firms.

The focus of the panel O’Donnell was part of was twofold: the features and technology of future AVs and the legal issues surrounding them. The attorneys were especially interested in the potential effect of AVs on product liability and data security law.

Other speakers on the panel were Christopher Bonanti, director of regulatory and compliance for transportation and safety at Engineering Systems, Inc., and Erika Carrasco, partner at Field Law in Calgary, Alberta. The panel was moderated by WANADA’s government relations counsel, Alan Rifkin of the Annapolis law firm Rifkin/Weiner/Livingston.

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