WANADA aims to sponsor EV Grand Prix as part of Auto Show

WANADA is working with an energy-oriented nonprofit group to sponsor the Metro Washington, DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix (DCEVGP). The DCEVGP, organized by Global EEE (Education/Energy/Environment), will take place March 28, 2019, the week before the Washington Auto Show, presenting WANADA an excellent platform from which to publicize its commitment to a variety of sources to power cars.


The winner of the Grand Prix is the electric car constructed most efficiently to drive the farthest distance before running out of electricity. That car would be displayed at the Washington Auto Show. Students design, engineer and construct the vehicle, including wiring, suspension and electric components, under the supervision of instructors.


WANADA would provide 10 to 12 volunteers for the event, contact news outlets to cover it, and invite business leaders and elected officials to participate. WANADA consultant Steve Boden with Montgomery County Public Schools, who coordinates WANADA’s Automotive Dealer Education Institute, would recruit area high schools to participate. Boden is also contacting his educator counterparts in Northern Virginia and Prince George’s County.


The Gaithersburg and Arlington Rotary Clubs also support the project. The district governor of Rotary, Rich Glover, has endorsed the program and is contacting local Rotary clubs to participate and support it.


For more information, see globalee.org/dcevgp.

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