Virginia Releases State-Specific Workplace Safety Standards

Last week, Virginia’s Department of Labor and Industry released its state-specific COVID-related workplace safety and education standards, becoming the first state in the nation to do so.

According to a news release that accompanied the regulations, the workplace risk assessment training requirements for businesses with employees in medium-to-high risk (which begin on page 43 of the regulations) are effective as of August 26. According to the regulations, employees at public-facing retail businesses are automatically classified as, at minimum, “medium-risk” employees.

Businesses are also required to develop an infectious disease response plan, and to provide all employees at medium-risk jobs (or higher) with training on COVID-19 symptom awareness, safety education, and appropriate uses of personal protective equipment. This plan must be developed no later than September 25.

The state has created a landing page with information on the regulations at this link. We encourage you to read the full text of the published standards, along with the accompanying Frequently Asked Questions page, as soon as you can. The National Law Review also published a helpful summary of the standards, which we encourage you to read.

The DOLI has also created a helpful infographic that features the steps you must take in order to comply with these workplace safety regulations, which go above and beyond the state’s phase three guidelines and best practices.

WANADA is analyzing these guidelines, and our staff is working with counsel to prepare guidance for our members on the state standards. We strongly encourage all businesses in the state to continue complying with all state and CDC mandates and best-practices, and continue rigidly documenting all efforts to do so.


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