Vehicle sales here rise 7.8% in second quarter — Area Report

Vehicle sales here rise 7.8% in second quarter — Area Report

Washington area auto sales rose an impressive 7.8 percent in the second quarter and an astounding 13 percent for the month of June from a year ago. Nationally, the comparable figures were 8.5 percent and 9 percent, respectively. For the first half of the year, sales were up 6.9 percent, in the Washington area and 7.5 percent nationally. Because the vehicle sales market here in the 12 locality region did not fare as badly from the recession as the rest of the country, auto sales did not have as far to climb in the recovery.

Regional figures are from WANADAs Area Report, based on R.L. Polk data.

Sales months were comparable here in Q2, in terms of unit sales, with May the strongest, at 29,757, up 4 percent from a year earlier; June was next, at 28,022, followed by April (27, 243).

Non-Detroit 3 new vehicle sales make up the greatest share of the market here, at 68.8 percent (down slightly from last years figure of 70 percent), compared with 54 percent nationally. An impressive 76.8 percent of new sedans sold in the Washington area are imports.

The gap between trucks share of the market here (45.7 percent) and nationally (50 percent) is greater than in the first quarter.

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