Vaccine Eligibility Expanding Rapidly Across the Region

Meeting President Biden’s stated goal of making every American adult eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of this month, both Virginia and Maryland have dramatically expanded eligibility in their states. Maryland has progressed rapidly into their Stage Three, allowing all adults 16 or older to receive a vaccine.

While certain pharmacies and local health clinics may have increased restrictions for the time-being, anyone is eligible to register to receive a vaccine in Maryland at one of the state-run or FEMA-managed mass vaccination sites. There is no residency requirement in Maryland for vaccinations, and in fact many D.C. leaders have encouraged city residents to travel across state lines to get their shots more expeditiously.

Similarly, Loudoun County and nearly all of Virginia has opened eligibility to all adults, without a residency requirement. The rest of Northern Virginia will open eligibility to all adults next Sunday, and essential transportation workers across the commonwealth are already eligible for vaccination.

Anyone who wishes to get vaccinated in Virginia should register through the state’s vaccine sign-up page, if they have not already. In Maryland, you can register through the statewide portal, or find another vaccination location, at this link. District residents can register for the vaccine at this link.

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