VA Motor Vehicle Dealer Board discusses internet sales

VA Motor Vehicle Dealer Board discusses internet sales

At the July meeting of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB), an important highlight was on the Internet Task Force and the MVDBês ability to regulate out-of-state dealers which operate through agents or employees in Virginia. The Internet Task Force was formed to study the previous task forceês report that has formed much of the MVDBês policy for more than a decade.

The task force asked a representative of the Office of the Attorney General at the meeting for advice on the constitutional limits of the MVDBês ability to regulate those out-of-state dealers. The question is whether MVDB could require the dealersê agents/employees to be licensed with a Virginia physical presence if they engage in practices that have historically been considered selling.

The work of the Internet Task Force will continue for several months as it considers recommendations to the full Board on potential policy revisions or requests for changes in the law.

Thanks to Michael Charapp, of Charapp & Weiss, LLC, for providing this information.

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