Updates from NADA

The following updates were recently conveyed to various state and local automotive trade associations regarding NADA’s recent activities.  WANADA thanks NADA Director Geoff Pohanka for his continued service as our NADA liaison and wishes him much success as he begins his term as NADA Vice Chairman.

First, Mike Alford officially began his term as 2022 Chairman and Geoff Pohanka began his term as 2022 Vice Chairman at the last NADA Board meeting. NADA also welcomed three new Directors: Lane Nichols succeeded Steven Allwine as Director from Alaska; Sid Dillon succeeded Brian Hamilton as Director from Nebraska; and Scott McCandless succeeded Steve Bassett as Chairman of ATD.

In terms of current activities, NADA continues to support bipartisan efforts on Capitol Hill to secure LIFO relief for franchised dealers, which will reportedly remain NADA’s top advocacy priority until a successful resolution to the issue is obtained. NADA also recently unveiled a new comprehensive and updated Driven Guide to the FTC Safeguards Rule, which is now available to all NADA members. Dealers are encouraged to review the Guide and work closely with their vendors, IT professionals, attorneys, OEM partners, and others to ensure they can fully comply with these extensive and complicated new data security requirements by Dec. 9, 2022. The Guide is the latest in a series of Safeguards compliance aids that NADA has compiled for dealers (which to date have included an FAQ document, a well-attended dealer webinar, and several Show Workshops addressing the new Rule).

NADA’s first in-person Show since 2020 was by all measures an unqualified success. Attendance was on-par with recent in-person Shows in Las Vegas, and there were a record number of exhibitors. Energy, attitude, and enthusiasm were all high. Franchise meetings with OEM representatives were packed, with many standing-room-only. NADA made EV education and training the theme and centerpiece of the 2022 Show, and the dozens of EV educational opportunities and workshops received great reviews from dealers, managers, and industry partners alike.

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