Unpretentious innovation, sustainable living to drive car colors

•Unpretentious innovation, sustainable livingê to drive car colors

When chemical company BASF gathers its experts to discuss future car colors, they donêt talk about grays and whites. BASF says the five theme colors automakers should look at for model year 2018 are la garra charrua, haymaker, fitted green, gray elevator and take 10,000.

La garra charrua, BASF says, is –a light blue color representing an unpretentious look at mother nature reminiscent of the prairie spaces in middle America.” Besides light blue, automakers should prepare for rich orange, soft green, dark silver and brownish with a lot of sparkle. The overall theme is –a new level of normality as North America bounces back from the recession and society embraces the unpretentious beauty of the •flyover states.ê”

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