U.S. News Best Cars for Families

U.S. News Best Cars for Families

Another set of rankings, another marketing tool for your salespeople. To choose the Best Family Cars, U.S. News looked at 259 vehicles in 19 categories. Vehicles were chosen based on professional automotive reviews, safety and reliability ratings, seating and cargo volume, and the availability of family-friendly features. Such features can include rear-seat video entertainment systems, WiFi hot spots, backup cameras and safety and security systems such as GMês OnStar that help parents keep track of teen drivers.

GM led in four categories, more than any other automaker. The Honda Odyssey won for best family minivan for the fifth year running. Not all the winners fit the typical image of the family vehicle, with compact cars and hatchbacks having their own categories.

All winners are 2015 models. They are:

« Compact cars: Volkswagen Golf

« Upscale small cars: Mercedes-Benz C-Class

« Hatchbacks: Kia Soul

« Midsize cars: Hyundai Sonata

« Upscale midsize cars: Cadillac CTS

« Large cars: Chevrolet Impala

« Luxury large cars: Kia K900

« Hybrid cars: Ford Fusion Hybrid

« Wagons: Subaru Outback

« Compact SUVs: Honda CR-V

« Luxury compact SUVs: Volvo XC60

« 2-row midsize SUVs: Nissan Murano

« 3-row midsize SUVs: Toyota Highlander

« Luxury 2-row midsize SUVs: Lexus RX 350

« Luxury 3-row midsize SUVs: Land Rover Range Rover Sport

« Large SUVs: Cadillac Escalade

« Hybrid SUVs: Toyota Highlander Hybrid

« Minivans: Honda Odyssey

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