Two MDOT/MVA Bulletins for Dealers to Note

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration recently published two guidance notices regarding issues important to franchise auto dealers – one reminding dealers of six important business practices, and the other making dealers aware of fraudulent electronic inspection documents that have been submitted to the state.

The reminder notice, which you can read here, serves to notify dealers of particular business processes that are very easy for sales personnel to overlook. The state’s notice includes a reminder to be aware of specific motorcycle classification measures, and also for dealers to avoid ever sending copies of checks, credit cards, or social security numbers with transaction paperwork that they file with the MVA.

The e-inspection fraud notice, linked here, was sent in response to a spate of forged electronic inspection documents that the state has received recently. The notice features detailed best practices on how dealers and their employees can verify Vehicle Inspection Program certificates on the Maryland State Police website.

Download Bulletin PDF