Two auto shows, two national capitals: WANADA reps present Washington to OEMs in Paris

Two auto shows, two national capitals:
WANADA reps present Washington to OEMs in Paris

A delegation of WANADA dealers attended press days for the Mondial de lêAutomobile in Paris, which opened to the public there this week, for the purpose of meeting with OEM executives, industry leaders and industry observers to present plans for the 2015 Washington Auto Show. As one of the grandest events of its kind in the world, the Paris Motor Show is an important venue to visit because of the scores of industry pacesetters and OEM auto show organizers who turn out.

Washington Auto Show chairman Kevin Reilly headed WANADAês delegation, joined by WAS vice chairman Geoff Pohanka and longstanding WAS Committee member George Doetsch.

–Visiting a major venue like Paris gets done at a fast pace that covers a vast floor plan such that we strategically target brand exhibits where OEM executives we need to see are located,” said Reilly. –Long hour days at the motor show are followed by a host of evening events that often run late, where media and industry operatives are on hand whom we engage to help Washington make its footprint as the important auto show it has become on the global circuit.”

In this regard, WANADA reps interacted with executives from the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs dêAutomobiles (OICA), with Washington being one of several major U.S. auto shows and one of a number from around the world that are accredited by OICA. Besides Washington, there were dealer representatives from other OICA accredited auto shows in Paris, including the North American International Auto Show and the New York International Auto Show.

The WANADA dealer delegation to the Paris Motor Show was joined by Allen Lew, city administrator for the District of Columbia, who observed firsthand how the largest and likely most important auto show in the world lays out from the standpoint of city services required and hospitality industry support. –It isnêt easy to get a hotel room or book a restaurant dinner in downtown Paris when the Motor Show is on because major industry events, the like of OICA caliber auto shows, are much like major conventions when they come to town, and thatês what many DC officials weêve taken to the European shows have come to understand,” said Reilly. Besides the city administrator, WANADA has hosted the mayor of Washington and numerous City Council members at the European auto shows over the years because of the close working relationship WANADA must maintain with city leadership for Auto Show operations in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

–Our Auto Show has made herculean strides in Washington by establishing itself as the Public Policy Show on the industryês global circuit, no less than one of the foremost events of its kind in the world, as OICA accreditation tangibly demonstrates,” said WAS producer John OêDonnell. –Growing into the industry event weêve become expands our partnership with the city and hospitality industry here to unprecedented levels of mutually beneficial opportunity.”

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