The Washington Auto Show visits its sister show in LA

The Washington Auto Show visits its sister show in LA

As is its custom, staff and volunteer leadership from WANADAês Washington Auto Show make the rounds to the top tier auto shows in the U.S. and worldwide each year to interact with industry notables and OEM executives, which placed Washingtonians at media industry days for the auto show in Los Angeles last week. Along with Detroit and New York, LA is regarded as an important auto show on the global industry circuit as are the Paris, Frankfurt and Geneva auto shows in Europe.

A top tier auto show worldwide, Washington, which is OICA certified, awarded by the Paris-based, Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs dêAutomobiles (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) that so recognizes major industry auto shows globally.

Joining WAS producer John OêDonnell was Auto Show Committee member, Daniel Jobe, WANADA officer John Bowis, WAS promotion director Barbara Pomerance and WAS manager Bob Yoffe.

–As is the case with many world trends, many in the auto industry start in California and come east which always makes LA an important stop on Washingtonês annual auto show tour,” said OêDonnell.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is positioned to start the industryês auto show season in commencing each year in mid-November.

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