Survey shows most drivers dont understand safety technology

Survey shows most drivers donêt understand safety technology

A recent survey by the University of Iowa shows that many drivers donêt understand car

safety technology, even common features such as antilock braking and tire pressure monitoring

systems. When they have a question about car features they donêt understand, consumers are

more likely to go online or to their favorite technician. The results point to educational and

marketing opportunities with vehicle owners for dealers on safety features.

The survey asked drivers about nine vehicle safety features: ABS, cruise control, traction control,

tire pressure monitoring systems, backup camera and backup sensor warning system, adaptive

cruise control, blind spot warning system, forward control warning system and lane departure

warning. Although most participants had at least heard of all of them–except adaptive cruise

control–they were uncertain about all of them, especially tire pressure monitor, adaptive cruise

control and lane departure warning.

Asked where they would go to try to understand the problem if a vehicle was reacting in a way

they didnêt understand, more than half would go first to the Internet, followed by their favorite

technician, then the dealership of purchase, and substantially behind that, another dealership.

Drivers older than 45 are more likely to visit or contact their dealership or their favorite

technician or to check the ownerês manual; younger drivers go first to online videos.

As for which safety feature they were most likely to buy if they were buying a new car, the top

choice was the backup camera, followed by blind spot warning and drowsiness/attention alert.

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