SureFly car is a lobby attraction at the Auto Show

A Jetsons-like, futuristic vehicle “landed” in the lobby of the Washington Convention Center for the opening the 2019 Washington Auto Show in the form of the SureFly flying car. It looks similar to a small helicopter and, according to designers, is safe, easy to fly and has a relatively low base price of $200,000.

The SureFly can go up to 75 miles per hour for two hours of flight time, traveling four feet off the ground. It is a hybrid with backup batteries for its two diesel generators. The driver drives the flying car with a single joystick.

Steve Burns, founder of SureFly, envisions the early users as paramedics and other emergency responders, no less than drivers who want to avoid their traffic-heavy commute.

The next step is approval by the Federal Aviation Administration. Among other things, the creators are working on ways to make the vehicle fly more quietly.

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