Supreme Court refuses to hear Fiat/Chryslers appeal on dealer closings

Supreme Court refuses to hear Fiat/Chryslerês appeal on dealer closings

The Supreme Court refused to hear Fiat/Chryslerês appeal of a federal appeals court decision that allows four Chrysler dealerships shuttered during the recession to apply to reopen, reports the Detroit News.

The appeals court ruled in January that Fiat/Chryslerês requirements for reopening couldnêt be –unreasonably onerous.” The automaker sets out minimum requirements of two acres with 16,000 square feet of structures meeting certain building requirements. The dealers must also have working capital of $986,000 to $1.38 million.

In 2009, Chrysler closed 789 stores, about 25 percent of its dealer network. Four hundred of those filed for arbitration. The four dealerships covered by the Supreme Court ruling are in Michigan and Las Vegas.

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