Source to help Maryland dealers lessen their rain tax bill

Source to help Maryland dealers lessen their rain tax bill

Jim Soltesz of Soltesz Engineering is available to help dealers in Maryland mitigate their stormwater fees, in effect as of July 1, and reported in a previous Bulletin. In some cases, the fees can equal 100% of the dealers property tax. Each of the counties coming under the law calculates the fee differently.

Soltesz is not a Kindred-line member of WANADA, and the WANADA Board has not endorsed this company. Mr. Soltesz and his company do come enthusiastically recommended by dealerships that utilize their services and are, accordingly, available to area dealers with concerns about storm water runoff fees.

Soltesz Engineering is in Rockville, Maryland and can be reached at (301) 948-2750.

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