Solution to pollution: Buy a new car

Solution to pollution: Buy a new car

A new study from the University of Toronto finds that a small number of older or badly tuned cars and trucks produce the majority of vehicle pollution. Itês a clear explanation of why trading in an old car for a newer model lowers emissions.

The study measured 100,000 vehicles as they drove past air-sampling probes of the universityês laboratory on one of Torontoês major roadways. Researchers found that one-quarter of the vehicles produced 95 percent of black carbon, 93 percent of carbon monoxide and 76 percent of volatile organic compounds.

But the variation in emissions wasnêt based just on age. –As we looked at the exhaust coming out of individual vehicles, we saw so many variations,” said researcher Greg Evans. –How you drive, hard acceleration, age of the vehicle, how the car is maintained these are things we can influence that can all have effect on pollution.”

So the study offers a marketing opportunity for service dealership advisors as they make recommendations to the Washington areaês famously eco-conscious consumers.

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