Smartphone users serious about online car shopping

Smartphone users serious about online car shopping

Car shoppers using smartphones are just as likely to do serious shopping as those using desktop computers, laptops and tablets, says The conclusion about shoppers searching aligns with the widespread prediction that computing will increasingly be done on smaller mobile devices.

Even though smartphone users spend less time on Edmunds than wired users, they view as many or more pages, and theyêre more likely to focus their research on specific vehicles. More than three-quarters of Edmunds users research at least one specific model, compared with 65 percent for wired users.

Of particular interest to dealers, smartphone users view local inventory listings at rates more than 30 percent higher than their wired counterparts.

Other findings from the analysis of visitors:

« Smartphone users are more likely to research used vehicles (53 percent) than wired users are (38 percent).

« Smartphone shoppers engage more with advertising. They are at least 2.5 times more likely to click on ads than wired site visitors.

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