Shoppers rank fuel economy as #1 concern

Shoppers rank fuel economy as #1 concern

New-car and truck shoppers consider fuel economy the most important consideration as they shop for a new vehicle, according to a recent NADA survey. But environmental impact came in near the bottom, so fuel economy concerns are clearly related to cost rather than to the environment. Still, the results show that dealers should emphasize fuel economy in marketing and in product presentations.

Cost of ownership and power and performance came next for car shoppers, followed by advanced safety systems, and versatility and utility. The survey showed little difference in the preferences of mainstream and luxury buyers. Brand ranks ninth overall for both groups, suggesting that –consumers are looking beyond the image or prestige of a marque, valuing products more for attributes such as performance, high build quality and vehicle design,” NADA says.

SUV/truck shopper results were similar except that they put more emphasis on versatility and utility. Cost of ownership and vehicle design each ranked a bit lower for truck drivers than for car owners.

Interestingly, 76 percent of car owners expressed interest in buying another car, down 1 percentage, from last year. But the percentage of truck owners interested in buying a pickup, utility vehicle or van was up 3 percentage points.

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