Self-driving, connected cars at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Self-driving, connected cars at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

With cars now a major part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), vehiclesê autonomous and connected technologies were a big topic at this yearês show. In light of this, WANADA representatives were on hand for the Las Vegas event commencing last weekend to pick up pointers for the Washington Auto Show. Automakers are looking for ways to be in the forefront and offer the latest high-tech features, partly, perhaps, in case predictions about car sales dropping once vehicles are fully autonomous turn out to be true.

Toyotaês concept car Concept-i uses artificial intelligence (AI) to exemplify the philosophy of –kinetic warmth,” a belief that mobility technology should be warm, welcoming and fun. The AI robot, nicknamed Yui, welcomes the driver with a –hello” projected on the car door and can adjust the carês temperature and music to suit the driverês previously measured preferences.

The Concept-i can also monitor driver attention and road conditions and increase automated driving support as needed to increase driver engagement or help navigate dangerous driving conditions.

Hondaês concept car at the CES, the NeuV, is an autonomous EV mini. The idea behind it is that, with privately owned vehicles sitting idle 96 percent of the time, the NeuV could function like a driverless Uber or Lyft. The NeuV could also sell energy back to the electric grid during times of high demand when the car is not in use.

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