Register for NADA Convention Jan. 22-25 in San Francisco

Register for NADA Convention Jan. 22-25 in San Francisco

An impressive lineup of speakers will inform and entertain guests at the 2015 NADA Convention & Expo in San Francisco January 22 to 25. Dealers are encouraged to register soon to be housed in the hotel of their choice (ten hotels sold out in the first week of registration).

In keeping with NADAês tradition of presenting presidential aspirants (Hillary Clinton this year) and past presidents (Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush in 2009), former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be a keynote speaker on Friday, January 23. The incomparable Jay Leno will speak on Saturday, January 24. And the Sunday morning inspirational service will feature Beck Weathers, an accomplished pathologist and heroic mountain climber who got caught in a violent storm on Mount Everest but miraculously survived after his wife and family were notified of his death.

WANADA will host its usual round of events, with a reception jointly presented with the Maryland and Virginia Automobile Dealers Associations, and the presentation of its Time Quality Dealer, to be announced this fall.

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