Potential 3-year lag before connected cars are secure

Potential 3-year lag before connected cars are secure

It could take up to three years before systems in connected cars such as adaptive cruise control, self-parking and collision avoidance are secure from cyber-threats. Thatês the conclusion of market research company, IDC, after interviews with auto manufacturers and industry representatives. IDC and security firm, Veracode, did a joint survey of drivers in the UK and Germany and found that half were concerned about security of the driver-aid features.

The biggest concern, the research found, was with security apps downloaded by the driver independent of the auto manufacturer. An overwhelming majority of drivers polled said auto manufacturers should be liable for all aspects of the safety of the connected car, even if the apps were developed by an independent software company.

Driver privacy is another matter because nearly half of drivers are concerned about the issue. For example, as navigation systems evolve to find, reserve and pay for parking automatically, the potential for leaking credit card information and other personal data arises.

–What weêre seeing happen in the auto industry is a microcosm of whatês happening in financial services, health care and virtually every other sector,” said Chris Wysopal, CTO of Veracode. –Applications are not created with security in mind, creating a major area of risk.”

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