Position Wanted

Position Wanted

General Manager. A seasoned, management professional with executive leadership experience is seeking a position in a related capacity. The applicant holds a bachelorês degree from Virginia Tech and has worked as a general manager in Washington metro area dealerships for over 15 years.

Anyone interested can contact Joe Koch at WANADA (202) 237-7200, or jk@wanada.org.


Position(s)Wanted is a WANADA member program for dealer and Kindred – line employers, such that WANADA refers persons seeking employment in a variety of capacities. These individuals present to WANADA various workplace experiences and credentials. All employment information from the Position(s) Wanted Program that prospective employers receive on referral from WANADA is subject to verification by prospective employers. WANADA, accordingly, is not responsible to prospective employers for information provided by persons utilizing the Position(s) Wanted Program. WANADA does not refer anyone seeking employment through Position(s) Wanted who it knows to be employed by a new car dealer at the time they are using the Position(s) Wanted Program.

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