Porsche dealers rank highest in response to customer internet inquiries

Porsche dealers rank highest in response to customer internet inquiries

Porsche dealerships ranked highest in the 2017 Pied Piper PSI Internet Lead Effectiveness Benchmarking Study, which measured how auto dealerships responded to customer inquiries received through a dealership website. Study rankings by brand are determined by a process that ties mystery shopping and scoring to dealership sales success.

Industry average performance has been flat over the past five years and dropped slightly from 2016 to 2017. The overall industry decline was driven by fewer responses in 2017, with one customer in eight failing to receive a response of any type even an automated response within 24 hours. Three out of ten customers failed to receive a personal response within 24 hours.

Other industry average measurements improved this year. For example, dealerships tried to phone customers 69 percent of the time on average, compared with just 50 percent of the time five years ago. Dealerships provided additional information about the vehicle of interest 50 percent of the time, up from 27 percent five years ago.

Part of the reason for low lead responses is software failures, which accounted for one in four lead response failures. –A typical dealership has three or four different pieces of third-party software that must work together seamlessly for lead response to work, and it has been our experience that when software failures occur they often remain invisible to the manufacturer and dealer,” said Fran OêHagan, president and CEO of Pied Piper Management Co.

After Porsche, the rest of the top five brands were BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini and Infiniti.

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