Popular Hyundai Hands-On Contest returns to Auto Show

Popular Hyundai Hands-On Contest returns to Auto Show

The Hands-On Contest at the Washington Auto Show will put a handful of lucky Washingtonians in touch with the chance to win a brand new Hyundai Tucson SE FWD.

The legendary Hands-On Contest, in which participants must stay in constant physical contact with the prized vehicle over several days, first wowed Washingtonians in 1999 when the match came down to a test of wills between an officer from the Army and one from the Navy. This yearês contest, which will run from Tuesday, Jan. 31, through noon on Sunday, Feb. 5, will feature a host of local residents who will compete for the chance to drive home in a new 2017 Hyundai.

To earn a chance to compete in the Hands-On Contest, area residents must register at www.washingtonautoshow.com by 12:00 noon on Monday, January 23, 2017. They will be asked to provide a short explanation of as to why they want to win the car. Thirty applicants will be chosen from that pool to qualify for the next round, from which a final group of 10 will be screened and selected by WANADA to participate in the final stage of the competition.

Finalists will be positioned around the prize vehicle at random by the judges and must be in continuous physical contact with it, excluding 15-minute breaks every three hours. If a participating contestant does not maintain continuous contact with the car for any reason, that contestant will be disqualified.

The last person remaining in physical contact with the prize vehicle will win it. If the end of the contest leaves more than one finalist, a random drawing will be conducted by Hyundai to determine the winner.

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