Plug-in electric vehicle sales to approach 200,000 in 2016

Plug-in electric vehicle sales to approach 200,000 in 2016

Significant growth is expected in the North American plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) sales in the next few years, says a new report from Navigant Research. Sales this year are expected to approach 200,000, a 62 percent jump from 2015.

The forecast is based in part on sales of the Tesla Model X, which has been in the news lately for two fatal crashes that NHTSA is investigating. But senior research analyst Scott Shepard said that did not change the forecast. Other models that will drive PEV sales, according to the report: the Chevrolet Bolt, a 200-mile-range battery electric vehicle being released this fall; the second-generation Volt; the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV); and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

–The long-range battery electric vehicle (BEV) under $40,000 isÄ expected to significantly increase PEV adoption past the 1 percent penetration rate it has struggled to achieve,” said Shepard.

The eight Northeastern states following California fuel standards (see previous article) will likely see PEV sales increase considerably as automakers stress BEV deployments and marketing efforts to comply with the region PEV mandate, said Navigant. –Consumers in the Northeast [which in this case includes Maryland] appear to demand significantly higher vehicle capabilities and range requirements,” the company said.

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