One-third of Washington area roads rated poor

One-third of Washington area roads rated •poorê

Just under one-third of Washington area roads are rated poor, 29 percent mediocre, 14 percent fair and 24 percent good, according to the national transportation research group, TRIP.

The news could be a lot worse. We didnêt even make the top 25 large urban areas with poor roads. San Francisco-Oakland won the top honor (if you can call it that), with 74 percent of its roads rated –poor”. Rounding out the top five were Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana; Concord, Calif.; Detroit, and San Jose.

Driving on deteriorated urban roads costs motorists as much as $1,044 annually, the report says. Driving on poor roads, accelerated vehicle deterioration and depreciation, increases needed maintenance, fuel consumption and tire wear. The subpar condition of area roads here should keep dealership service departments busy.

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