Older drivers value safety technology in cars

Older drivers value safety technology in cars

A new survey suggests that older drivers value safety technology in their cars, rating blind spot warning systems the highest. The report by The Hartford Insurance Company and MIT AgeLab surveyed drivers 50 and older.

Older drivers who have at least one of the top 10 technologies report feeling more confident as they drive than those who have none. These drivers especially value technology that helps with changing lanes and parking.

Just over half said they would feel safer if their vehicle had all of the most up-to-date technologies. A little more than half plan to buy or lease another vehicle in the next five years. Whats more, women are more likely than men to report that driving technologies would make them feel safer.

Here are the top 10 technologies, as ranked by older consumers: blind spot warning, crash mitigation, emergency response, drowsy driver alerts, reverse monitoring, vehicle stability control, lane departure warning, smart headlights, voice-activated systems and assisted parking.

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