OEMs present advances in alt. fuel vehicles at the WAS

OEMs present advances in alt. fuel vehicles at the WAS

New this year to help explain the cutting edge advanced technology to WAS visitors was –The New Mobility” booklet by Washington Post automotive writer and syndicated columnist Warren Brown. The booklet, available free to all show visitors, highlights the developments in artificial intelligence and electronics in many new models on the show floor. The big push, however, is for better safety and connectivity for drivers. –Many auto industry experts predict a day when cars and trucks will move with no or only minimal input from a human being behind the steering wheel,” Brown says. –How quickly that day comes depends on politics, legal questions and social acceptability and money.”

Some parts of the WAS were just plain fun. Show-goers of all types enjoyed walking through the luxury vehicle display. One blogger wrote that there were more cars over $50,000 than he had ever seen at an auto show.

–Visitors were also enthralled with the significantly expanded exotic vehicle pavilion with its array of six figure plus new vehicles, which, along with the advanced technology, gave visitors the opportunity to dream exciting, happy thoughts,” Pomerance said.

–A number of OEMs showcased their latest advances in alternative fuel vehicles that clearly signals the arrival of the next phase for the industryês pursuit of energy self-sufficiency,” said Barbara Pomerance, communications director for The Washington Auto Show. In this regard, Pomerance referenced three hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on display at the 2015 WAS, namely the Honda FCX Clarity, the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell and the Toyota Mirai. Important, too, when discussing alt. fuel vehicles is where does one fuel it? Toyota answered that question right in their exhibit at the WAS with a hydrogen dispenser (pump) that appeared ready for installation at any gas-and-go stop on I95.

The Advanced Technology Superhighway at the WAS was again a popular draw, presenting the latest in prototypes, to include the finalists and winners of the 2015 Green Car Awards from the Green Car Journal, reported in Issue #1 of WANADAês WAS Bulletin (for complete story, click here).

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