Objections halt Senate bill on autonomous vehicles

The House has already passed a bill to speed the deployment of autonomous vehicles, and the Senate was on a fast track to approve its version for President Trump’s signature before the end of this year. Thanks to lobbying by NADA and its dealer members nationwide, both bills also include franchise law protections for dealers.


But the Senate bill has been slowed down – and possibly halted for this year – by objections from some senators. Some are unhappy that trucks have been excluded from the bill and others have safety concerns. Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), long active in automotive legislation, is worried about cyberattacks and consumer safety. Consumer advocates fear the bill is being rushed through before the technology is ready for use on public roads. The bill would exempt up to 80,000 vehicles on the road from certain safety requirements.


And, of course, the Senate has plenty on its plate for the end of the year with tax reform and spending bills to keep the government running.

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