NSF director C_rdova touts importance of basic research

NSF director Crdova touts importance of basic research

In the government keynote address, National Science Foundation director, France Crdova spoke of the importance of NSF-supported basic research for the future technological advancement of cars.

One area of particular emphasis at the NSF is the human-technology frontier, in which researchers study how humans and machines can work together, and the benefits and risks of doing so. Another research area is harnessing the data revolution to help car connectivity, including smart cars with lane assist and automatic parking.

In showing the importance of basic research, Dr. Crdova noted that Einsteinês Theory of Special Relativity led to development of the lead-acid battery, and his Theory of General Relativity led to GPS in cars.

–Interdisciplinary research produces breakthroughs like artificial intelligence,” said Crdova. Some mobility-related areas ripe for more research are sensor technology, computer vision and cybersecurity.

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