NHTSA works with NADA on searchable database for recalls

NHTSA works with NADA on searchable database for recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week set up a website, www.safercar.gov/vinlookup, that allows anyone to search safety recalls by model year, make, model and VIN. The information is gathered from OEM sites. OEMs must post a description of each unrepaired recall by VIN dating back at least 15 years, and must update their websites every seven days.

NHTSA said it is –working with NADA to help ensure that franchise dealerships across the United States become aware of and understand how to use the new VIN search tool.”

NADA reminds dealers of their obligations on recalls in its Q&A for Franchised Dealers. The association suggests that before selling used vehicles, dealers:

« routinely check the used inventory of vehicles for their brand for unrepaired recalls, and make any recall-related repairs;

« refrain from selling any OEM –stop sale” or –stop drive” vehicles until the recall is repaired.

Although it is not required, NADA recommends that dealers check the NHTSA database before buying or reselling any used vehicle.

–Historically, about 75 percent of all recalled vehicles get fixed,” says NADA Chairman Forrest McConnell. –Our goal is to see 100 percent of those vehicles remedied.”

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