New transmission systems causing problems

New transmission systems causing problems

Consumer Reportsê 2015 Auto Reliability Survey has found increased troubles with new transmission systems developed to improve fuel economy. The report is based on data from more than 740,000 vehicles, reported by CR subscribers. Many car buyers look to CR for guidance, so the trend is worth noting.

Acura is the latest brand to see its overall predicted reliability ranking drop, because of problems with in-car electronics and transmissions for its new RLX and TLX sedans. The same troubles have dragged down overall scores for Ford, Nissan, Fiat-Chrysler and others.

–Weêve seen a number of brands struggle with new transmission technology,” said Jake Fisher, CRês director of automotive testing. –whether itês a complex system, such as a dual-clutch gearbox, a continuously variable transmission, or one with eight or nine speeds. Many vehicles require repair and replacements because of rough shifting among the gears and slipping CVT belts.”

Lexus garnered top reliability marks for all seven vehicle lines scored in the survey. Other makes in the top five were Toyota, Audi, Mazda and Subaru. Infiniti and Honda both saw their scores drop because of problems with their infotainment systems. Buick, in seventh place, was the only Detroit 3 brand in the top 10.

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